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Immigration Business Plan EB2-NIW VISA



Immigration Business Plan for EB2 NIW

Possessing an Employment-Based, second-preference visa can offer a range of benefits. EB-2 is unique in that it provides permanent residence to those who have obtained advanced degrees or demonstrate exceptional ability. To acquire this visa there are two options: obtaining sponsorship from an employer who will fill out the Labor Certification Application (LCA), or self-sponsoring which can be even more advantageous by providing greater flexibility and control over the entire process!

Self-sponsorship allows the most talented individuals to apply for a green card without having to rely on any single employer, making it an appealing option for entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, medical professionals, and more. Nonetheless, self-sponsorship comes with its own set of unique difficulties in submitting a successful petition.

Our immigration business plans are carefully crafted following all USCIS guidelines.

Our Immigration business plan for EB-2 includes at minimum:

  • Executive Summary
  • Petitioner’s Profile
  • Industry and Market Analysis
  • Key Management and Personnel Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Petitioner’s National Level Impact
  • Substantial Merit and National Interest
  • 5-Year Financial Plan

*Disclaimer: The above summary of each immigration program should not be considered legal advice or a complete description of the program. Any prospective visa applicant and/or investor is strongly urged to contact a knowledgeable immigration attorney to review their specific circumstances.


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